Fionn's Hotline Cafe

It's A Fionn You've arrived at Pavilion City's most famous cybercafe. Fresher than a papaya yogurt, I made this all on FixPage '94 using a tietoKone Ox 5000 during the majestic depths of an ether binge.

Pull up one of my purple inflatible chairs and sip this minty mojito as I take you away. I'll be presenting to you my digital wares, telling you amazing stories and sharing my darkest secrets.

It's very exciting that the cafe is still open even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Masks on, please! I've kept all my CRT monitors freshly degaussed in antipation for your arrival.

Disfruta tu visita a la Hotline Café

Delicious Flamingos
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Evoke Art Dec 3rd: Launched a new gallery of cover artwork used in various EDM releases under the Fionn Hodgson/Distronaut/Snowcloud monikers.

Oct 17th: Created a new page to showcase my legacy Game Maker projects from 2005-2011. Here you can read the story behind each game, see screenshots and download the original executables.

Sept 27th: It's been a year since I came over to Neocities and I've discovered some amazing Web 1.0 style websites. I've created a dedicated Buttons Page to showcase the Neocities community. Let me know if you'd like me to add your site.

May 2nd: During lockdown, I've finished a new full length album called Days Worth Living. It's 12 tracks of electro, ambient techno, vapourhouse and chillhop. Enjoy!

Apr 11th 2020: I've released an update for Total Anarchy that adds more story missions, new radio stations and other improvements.

Visit Us

Cafe on street Pay us a visit!

The cafe is located on the A47 South, along the coastline of Pavilion City. Only a five minute walk from the Angel pier.

Enjoy surfing the web on our state of the art computers equipped with 56K modems and gorgeous 16-bit colour displays that can even render 3D graphics!

Now serving espresso martinis and "magical" brownies - VERY popular!
Head to the Hotline Cafe profile page on Neocities if you'd like to leave comments.
You can also email the cafe directly at

We Love You


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