Fionn's Hotline Cafe
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Delicious Internet

Welcome to my cyber-café.

Your idle curiosity has brought you to my digital house of mystical wonder and radical dreams. Were you ever meant to get here? Perhaps you were, perhaps not. Don't think too hard, don't try to leave. Take your sweet time, grab a drink and start exploring. There's a comfy seat available for you by the window.

Latest news

Latest News:

October 20th 2019: I've updated the Museum page with new images and more details about my small collection of mechanical typewriters.

October 19th 2019: I've updated the Links page with some new goodies.

October 17th 2019: Here's my account of the adventure I had at Boomtown Fair - A Radical City. The weather was generally awful but the music more than made up for that!

October 15th 2019: I have published two new reviews! This week I've been listening to 808 State's Transmission Suite and Dan Mason's Hypnagogia.

October 12th 2019: Hello world! Hotline Cafe has officially launched this week.

Visit Us

Cafe on street Pay us a visit!

The cafe is located on the A47 South, along the coastline of Pavilion City. Only a five minute walk from the Angel pier.

Enjoy surfing the web on our state of the art computers equipped with 56K modems and gorgeous 16-bit colour displays that can even render 3D graphics!

Now serving espresso martinis and "magical" brownies - VERY popular!

Drawing of Fionn We Love You Ox Computer

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