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Total Anarchy is a free PC game I have been developing for several years. It's quite similar to classic Grand Theft Auto games, but it does have several unique features. You find yourself in Pavilion City during the year 1999. Are you ready to take over this town?

You can hijack cars, steal drugs, trash hotel rooms, murder citizens, blow up boats, listen to the radio, set people on fire, throw bricks & rocks, shoot rockets and otherwise behave like a terrible person much like you can in other open world games.

This game features a vast and vibrant city rendered in top down 3D. It includes nearly a hundred unique vehicles, 26 different weapons & 2 hours of exclusive in-game radio. Feel free to explore the place and cause havoc!

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Map of Pavilion City

Pavilion City Map

Link to full size map (5.5Mb PNG)