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Websites I follow on Neocities:

Chillbitz Plenty of chill Vapourwave goodness to be found here
green_meklar A modest website that has some impressive utilities
Misty's World A very cute personal website with lots of content
Robert Buchanan Robert reviews an interesting collection of media here
RVKlein HOME Skillfully designed icons and other graphics
W E L C O M E Amazing synthwave visuals
2 Bit Fascinating website about 2-bit graphics and technology
Jeff Corgan Personal blog and CD collection
Nathan's Site Nathan's website for his 3D creations
Districts A popular directory of Neocities websites with categories
VHSearch A Google-style search engine for Neocities
The Unpikey Zone If Devvo created a website it'd look like this
Jenswa's Page Gallery of vector art and games
This Could Be Better Gallery of various JS projects
Incessant Pain Journal with tech reviews and other articles
Cult of D50 The greatest website dedicated to the almighty Roland D50!
Three.js Tutorial A very helpful starter guide to implementing Three.js
thmnwh hsfld Esoteric showcase of artwork, music and other bits
Bicornum Pretty fractals and other animations
Peelopaalu A growing list of links to interesting websites - Cool!
Neocities Districts Neon Tone Neon Tone Neon Tone
Robert Buchanan Chillbitz Bill's World Neon Tone

Other internet things I like:

Every Noise At Once Explore an interactive map of every known music genre
labs.500px Sketch a picture and this tool will search for matching photos
Calligraphr Turn your handwriting into a font
MSOutlookit Browse Reddit without getting caught by your boss
Protect and Survive An althistory thread about effects of Nuclear war in the UK
Keygen Music An archive of that lovely music you hear in Keygen software
Barney's Web SDR A SDR receiver located in Bedford, England
Fat Pie Dark and hilarious animations by artist David Firth
Weebls Stuff Classic internet animations and sillyness Site belonging to my good friend Chris who develops things
Ex Astris Scientia Star Trek website with images, episode guides and investigations
Radio Garden Explore live radio while rotating a globe
Ishkur's Guide V3 Guide to Electronic Music - the new 2019 version (finally)

Some useful tools and resources:

Essential Software:
- Inkscape - Open Source SVG Graphics
- IDE - Visual Studio Code
- Lightweight Code Editor - Atom

Online Tools:
- Template for attaching & embedding JS
- In-browser HTML/CSS/JS live editor
- CSS Colour Picker
- CSS Gradient Maker
- CSS Cheat Sheet
- RGB Colour Codes

Learning Websites:
- Free Code Camp
- W3Schools CSS Tutorial
- Interneting Is Hard
- Flexbox Froggy

HTML Guides:
- HTML Syntax Guide
General info about code editors -
About debugging JS within browser -
Template for attaching & embedding JS -
Logical Operators in JavaScript -
JSLINT - Automatic JS Linter -
JSHint - Another JS Linter -
Node JS -
JS Coding Style (including cheat sheet) -

Useful Stuff:
Quackit JavaScript Examples -
W3Schools HTML Events -
Animista CSS Animations -
Vintage Windows Patterns -

Game Maker HTML5:
Custom Loading Bars -
Swipe Controls Tutorial -
My HTML5 Junk -

Snatch Mobile