My unique flavours of casiocore-meets-vapourhouse were mildly popular for a while. It's all here! Three layers of MPEG for your pleasure. Right here, there's literally tens of high definition (at least 96kbps) audio goodies and gorgeous JPEG artwork to expand your Winamp library. Remember to share what you're listening to for your MSN messenger contacts!

Latest release - Days Worth Living (2020)


Cassette Roulette Evoke Hot Pixel Pastel Mornings Isle Eleven Nowhere

Here are direct mp3 links to my tunes. I share this music under a creative commons CC BY-SA 3.0 licence so feel free to use anything you like in your videos, games or other productions you are making. Just remember to provide credit where it's due :)
Music? Yes Please!

Starfish TBD 2020 Tropical Trap
Calor Feroz Days Worth Living 2020 Electro
Pajarito Days Worth Living 2019 Muzak
Mermelada Suave Days Worth Living 2019 Trap
Even More Deep The Warehouse 90.0FM 2018 Techno
Steel Groove Splash Wave FM 2018 Acid Jazz
Cream Groove Days Worth Living 2016 French Pop
Payday Days Worth Living 2015 Breakbeat
Ginglyform Cassette Roulette 2014 Glitch Funk
Departure Cassette Roulette 2014 Deep House
Canis Major Hot Pixel 2013 Chipbreaks
Feltzer Hot Pixel 2013 Techno
Malibu Drive Evoke 2012 Synthwave
Blue Skies & Red Shoes Evoke 2011 Chipbreaks
Happy Birthday Georgia 2011 Illbient
Regicide Evoke 2011 Beats
Yer A Wizard 2011 Memewave
Just Once Isle Eleven 2010 Synthpop
Broken Barcode 2010 Drum & Bass
Ninja at the Disco (remix) Isle Eleven 2010 Electro
Be Together Isle Eleven 2010 House
Pulse Disruptor Volume Two 2009 Acid Techno
Be Right There Volume Two 2009 Drum & Bass
Generika At Large 2009 Techno
Oceanic Volume Two 2009 Chillout
Set Them Free At Large 2009 Dub
Dentist in the Dark Total Anarchy 2009 Drum & Bass
Arkeny Skyliner At Large 2009 Ambient Techno
At Large At Large 2009 Synthpop
Trinary Choice Volume One 2009 Techno
I Want It At Large 2009 Electro
Malibu Dream Volume Two 2009 Electro
Choppy Waters Volume One 2008 IDM
Kill The Candy Ravers Volume One 2008 Italo Disco
Aytee's Freestyle Volume One 2008 Freestyle
Aimless Nowhere 2008 Ambient Breaks
Pastel Mornings Volume One 2008 Garage
In The Car, In The City Volume One 2008 IDM
Jungle Paradise Volume One 2008 Classic Jungle
Primary Colour Volume One 2008 Chiptune
The Android Likes You Nowhere 2008 Italo Disco
Space Seed Nowhere 2008 Ambient
Count To Ten Nowhere 2008 Drum & Bass
The Revolution Nowhere 2008 Synthwave
So Far Nowhere 2008 Liquid Funk
Nowhere Nowhere 2008 New Wave
Earthrise Electric Rain 2008 Chillout
Electric Rain Electric Rain 2008 Chillout
Tumble Electric Rain 2008 Techno
Ninja at the Disco Entertainment System 2008 Electro House
Lunar Traffic Entertainment System 2008 Synthwave
Lucid Dream Entertainment System 2008 Chillout
Epsylon Entertainment System 2008 Chillbreaks
Roads Entertainment System 2008 Trance
Neon Love Newgrounds Audio 2007 Hardcore
Fireworks Be Kruzen 2007 Chiptune
New Verago Theme 2007 Inst. Hip Hop

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