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Bienvenido - ウエルカム - Welcome

My name is Fionn - I made this website to practice learning web design and to host my old music, programming experiments and artwork. Sometimes I also write about music I enjoy listening to and technology I collect. Stay awhile and enjoy your visit!

Disfruta tu visita a la Hotline Café

Latest news News

December 20th 2019: I've finished a new song called RAIN BLASTER:

December 6th 2019: Hotline Café is now on the Hotline Webring.

December 4th 2019: A facelift for the café with new colours and decorations. More content added, including some new entries for my 2000s mobile phone memories.

November 26th 2019: I've made dozens of free mp3 files available on the music page. All songs of mine from 2007-present.

Buildings November 21st 2019: I've added some cool new links. I've also uploaded some artwork found from my old sketchbooks.

October 20th 2019: I've updated the Museum page with new images and more details about my small collection of mechanical typewriters.

October 19th 2019: I've updated the Links page with some new goodies.

October 15th 2019: I have published two new reviews! This week I've been listening to 808 State's Transmission Suite and Dan Mason's Hypnagogia.

Visit Us

Cafe on street Pay us a visit!

The cafe is located on the A47 South, along the coastline of Pavilion City. Only a five minute walk from the Angel pier.

Enjoy surfing the web on our state of the art computers equipped with 56K modems and gorgeous 16-bit colour displays that can even render 3D graphics!

Now serving espresso martinis and "magical" brownies - VERY popular!
How do I leave comments?

Head to the Hotline Cafe profile page on Neocities if you'd like to make any suggestions or leave feedback.

We Love You


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