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Sample Pack 2023 Tracker Samples Pack 2023

Ideal for tracker musicians, this is a free pack of around 100 HQ audio samples in .WAV format that I've curated over the years for use in my own music. Sample these delights and use them for your own banging tunes!

Click Here To Download This Pack | 45 MB

MIDI Scores Pack 2023 MIDI Scores Pack

This pack contains a large quantity of small MIDI files designed for use with building out your melodies in a DAW. Each MIDI is a small melodic hook, a rhythm or a single bassline. Perhaps useful if you need some inspiration when composing.

Click Here To Download This Pack | 40 KB

MIDI Music Pack 2023 MIDIBLUE Floppy Album
Floppy disk album of 20+ of my tracks exported as lush general MIDI. I often created MIDI file versions of tracks in case I wanted to migrate to a different DAW. As a result these arrangements can be quite rough and quirky. Genres are mostly repetitive eurodance and techno with a few wildcards included. Files were created between 2006-2023.

Click Here To Download This Pack | 100 KB

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