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Electronic gadgets

Mustek DV 4000 Mustek DV 4000 Mustek DV 4000 Digital Camcorder

This small multi-function digital camcorder was mine in 2004. I couldn't afford anything capable of DV quality but was pleased that it had a 4MP still photo camera and a sound recording feature. The recording quality suffers from low-light sensitivity and poor frame rates. For some reason the highest video resolution (640 x 480) only records at 10fps, whereas you can record 240p video at 30fps.

I made a heap of blurry little films with friends and even added special effects to produce short action movies & fanfilms. Converting the ASF video files into something compatible for mainstream software often degraded the picture quality even further. The camera takes okay-ish photos in full daylight, but forget about any indoor photography.

See an outdoor photo sample
See an indoor photo sample

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